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The Genesis Key

The Genesis Key

More than three decades ago, Dr. Kathleen Sainsbury's archaeologist parents were murdered at an ancient excavation site in Iraq. Now the gifted biologist stands on the brink of a miraculous breakthrough: the discovery of a gene that could extend human life by hundreds of years. But at the moment of her greatest triumph, a mysterious phone call reveals a hidden truth that draws chaos and violence once again into her world . . . and threatens to irreversibly alter the destiny of human kind.

For somewhere in the shadows, powerful unseen forces are watching . . . and waiting. Suddenly Kathleen is a target of covert government operatives as she races to uncover the mystery behind her parents' secret research and brutal deaths—a mystery locked in the human genome, in the sands of antiquity, and in the Book of Genesis. More than survival is a stake for Dr. Kathleen Sainsbury. The future of all humanity hangs in the balance . . . the prize is the secret of life itself.

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HarperCollins, Mass Market Paperback, (June 2011), ISBN-13: 9780062021380


"THE GENESIS KEY is a solid blend of science, myth, history, and suspense. It's remarkable and unconventional, which together make for a great tale. There's an intense brand of storytelling here, utilizing all of the elements I love. I can't wait for more from James Barney."
   —Steve Berry, New York Times bestselling author of The Jefferson Key and The Templar Legacy

"A strong debut thriller. . . James Barney deftly explores elements of modern science and antiquity to mine the kinds of themes so ably explored by the likes of Dan Brown and James Rollins. . . Barney is a welcome player in a crowded field."
   —John Hart, New York Times bestselling author of The King of Lies, Down River, The Last Child, and Iron Horse